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The Terrific Uses of A Tree

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2011 at 11:09 pm

Planted by crops to produce fruit,
Nourishing our bodies with Gods’ vitamins,
Oranges in the richest hue to peel,
Juice drips down the chin’s of children,
Apple pies baked during holidays,
The finest harvest from our tree’s,
Produced for paper and furniture,
Homes built to share family memories,
Students write on pages with their studies,
Books we cherish are printed at the press,
The multiple  and necessary use of the tree,
Take today to reflect on why it was created.

One poem for the International Biological Diversity Day coming up on May 22nd.(ecological uses on another poem)

I plan on tagging my other tree poems with that day.


The Year of Forest

In rondeau on April 6, 2011 at 3:07 pm

Year of forests is this great year!

Every species is veneer!

It’s used as paper and fuel too!

It’s furniture for me and you!

Data on trees shining and sheer!


Participate in highest gear!

Plant a few in your yards too steer!

Crucial to plant them and renew!

Year of Forests!


All our trees are precious and dear,

They help to keep “some” carbons clear,

Forests are beautiful to view!

Go for a walk and greet a few!

Year of Forests! A time to cheer!

Year of Forests!

I apologize I got distracted with rage over betrayal of persecution I have endured for two years from one lady, and one person refuses to do what is right by God. Currently the individual is not saved. Although convincing himself otherwise is not healthy. Nor is it healthy to convince oneself an aborted fetus is in heaven to justify the sin of either doing it, who it was with or why. It is not healthy to use this method of using God to force yourself to feel better about an abortion.

I have no idea where aborted fetus’ ends up as far as throwing out the remains of it, but they do not have a spirit, and are not in heaven. It is not right to try to convince yourself it is.

Anyhow, moving on here…the  year of the forest is great to add for your Earth Day activities. Such as recycled paper crafts, walks in nature.

My next poems will be National Wildlife Week Coming up soon here in a few days.

**data on trees shining and sheer just means clear and shining information if you are not understanding the idiom.

Year Of The Forests

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Photograph is a Cherry tree public domain



The year of forests is a time of jubilee,

A time to learn, have growth, and teach more about the tree,

The maple, the oak and the beautiful willow,

Are only three of many trees to get to know!

God made these lovely friends in such variety!


It is a great thing to learn and know about earth month and earth day coming up. The year of the forests is this year.