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Dandelion Recipes

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1)Creamed (traditional french)

2)One that has ground beef in it..made with chicken soup stock

You only use the greens to make the soup, and use the buds for garnish.

You can also make dandelion jam…

This is the time of the year people are pulling or spraying their lawns..consider something different this year and make some soup or jelly with it instead.


Delightful Dandelions

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Dandelion Image & Dandelion Graphics

Dandelions bursting in a vibrant hue,

Emerging from emerald strands of grass,

Fertile flowers created by Gods’ hands,

Tiny orbs colored like the blazing sun.

Spring decorates lawns in elegant bulbs of the brightest yellow.

Transforming into fruitful seeds that blow in the wind,

Carried in the breeze too plant themselves elsewhere,

Children laughing while plucking them to give as gifts,

Lips puckered up with our breath to the seedlings too scatter and float in the air.

Dandelions are one of Gods’ most fertile flowers. Society deems them as a nuisance or a weed. Why not view them from the eyes of children or God?

*please note to gardeners that pesticides cause brain cancer, and if you can not view them as flowers as God has made then to pull them out or use natural. You can compost them, use them in crafts, and you can use them to cook with.