Hands On

I enjoy other creative crafts like sewing, and making different items. Even beading. I use to make my own jewelery with beads. I would love to conquer a beautiful quilt, alternating squares of old globes and ancient maps. I keep praying for some more money for this. I am on disability currently due to health, then I get extra for an internship program that I am an extensive waiting list.

Quilting is expensive, and I would want to print the pictures onto fabric, big bucks…

I also enjoy making candles..yup..I make my own candles and recycle at the same time. I take the ends of the candles…you know the part right at the end after burning them down..and remelt them all.

I have even done those rolled sheets of candles too, and I have done oil lamps!

Oil lamps are cool and easy…

You just need some flowers, the fuel, a glass cylinder and the floating type of wick….

I got addicted to the oil lamps to the point I had to start giving them as gifts…So you can buy special wax to seal the top of the oil lamp…


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