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Lonely Girl | Lonely, Sad Girl | Forward this Picture

The dream migrated into a nebulous state,

The exquisite feeling of rarity crumbles,

Arctic temperatures courses through veins,

Empathetic scarlet embers burn within a savaged soul,

The Wounds left replace an experience,

A battled healing amongst shattered ruins,

Bounced against rocky shores from raging waters,

Clinging to Gods raft of light to try to stay afloat.


The Seduction of Visual Sins

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let me not into temptation i can find it myself

Aphrodisiac liquids poured of sexual seduction,

Seducing with nude photographs and words of extreme lust,

Exotic and erotic positions of sweating skin,

Pornographic pictures line his walls to lure,

Hands on breasts and groping moisture,

Sprawled and spread wide eagle,

Passionate positions to entice his ever growing crowd,

Exposure for your wanton eyes,

Lingering in your burning thoughts,

To rest within heated groins,

Satan then sneers and with his hooks brings you to hell along with him.

A Life Rack of Vintage Dresses

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The past is a part of our present or future,

Old situations coated with moth balls,

Scented in dust,



Good and bad memories combined,

Hung up to view when a door is slid or opened,

The colors are so bright and so soft to wear,

 Comforting and soothing against our skin,

The dress either fits perfectly and you feel beautiful,

Unique and eye catching,

Or it is not the right fit or meant to wear during that period of time,

Chosen and comfortable ones are worn out repeatedly,

Taken out for special occasions,

Other ones remain hung in the dark and rarely seen.

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